[nycbug-talk] php5-openssl

pete wright nomadlogic
Mon Oct 10 19:59:27 EDT 2005

On 10/10/05, Matthew Terenzio <matt at jobsforge.com> wrote:
> On FreeBSD 5.3:
> I wanted to add OpenSSL to PHP and tried the php5-openssl port.
> Perhaps I naively expected it to just install with make install but I
> got:
> "/usr/local/etc/php.conf", line 1: Need an operator
> "/usr/local/etc/php.conf", line 3: Need an operator
> "/usr/local/etc/php.conf", line 4: Need an operator
> "/usr/local/etc/php.conf", line 5: Need an operator
> "/usr/local/etc/php.conf", line 6: Need an operator
> etc, etc. etc.
> PHP Version 5.0.4 is running finely on this box already. What's "need
> an operator" trying to tell me?
> Dial 0 and talk to nasal women on the other end : )

when are you getting this error...during the build phase, at run time? if it
is happening at runtime, have your checked your /usr/local/etc/php.conf file
for more information? in any event we need more info.

Pete Wright
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