[nycbug-talk] multiport serial cards

Charles Sprickman spork
Wed Oct 12 03:12:49 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I've got a (FreeBSD) console server that's got two 8-port Rocketport cards 
in it.  I need to ditch these as they have two problems:  the driver is 
kind of flakey and basically abandoned, and I'm already three ports short 
of what I need and we're still adding servers.

Stallion looked nice, specifically this setup:


Density is great, 64 ports per card.  Price is right too.  However every 
retailer has these on backorder, and it seems like the stl driver did not 
make it to 5.x.

This all makes me feel like some old unix nerd.  When I post on the 
FreeBSD lists it's just crickets. :)

Anyone here have recommendations on decent cards that cost less than 
buying a standalone console server?  I'd like a minimum of 32 ports on a 
single card...



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