[nycbug-talk] Net-SNMP

Bjorn Nelson o_sleep
Wed Oct 12 13:45:46 EDT 2005

On Oct 12, 2005, at 1:37 PM, pete wright wrote:
> We use net-snmp and it's assortied utilites pretty heavilly here.   
> There is a wealth of info you can get from snmp, and it can be  
> extended very easilly via sh/perl and python (although I have yet  
> to write any python-snmp code here).  We are primarilly using our  
> snmp utils in conjunction with nagios, although that is not say you  
> need nagios to help present the data you can collect.  While I  
> understand not wanting to run nagios, the plugins available for it  
> may be a good starting point to see how SNMP can be used to gather  
> system information in general (if you don't mind reading through  
> perl/sh code ;).

Just wanted to add that there is a program called nagat that provides  
web based administration for nagios:


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