[nycbug-talk] pyxf86config

pete wright nomadlogic
Thu Oct 13 12:45:10 EDT 2005

I'm throwing this out there because I know quite a few of the peep's on this
list have some python-foo. I'm working on an application that will allow
users to make basic modifications to their xorg.conf files. I've found the
pyxf86config libraries (something developed by redhat actually) and was
wondering if anyone has any experience working with this? more generally,
I'm pretty familiar working with perl to parse, edit and generate system
config files but have not done this too much with python yet. any short
cut's, tips or must have libraries I should check out?


Pete Wright
www.nycbug.org <http://www.nycbug.org>
NYC's *BSD User Group
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