[nycbug-talk] PostgreSQL on BSD

Dan Langille dan
Thu Oct 13 20:08:40 EDT 2005

On 10 Oct 2005 at 20:01, Hans Zaunere wrote:

> > Has anyone else run into this problem?  And have you had any success
> > running PostgreSQL in a FreeBSD jail or OpenBSD chroot?
> Yeah, this is a current limitation, and I'm not aware of any ways around it.
> While speaking with Bruce (who also mentioned this during his presentation
> at NYCBSDCon) there might be some architecture changes in future PGSQL
> releases that will eliminate this problem, however it sounded like it's
> still in very-very early stages of discussion.

This might be useful to some: I built a jail for the bacula 
<http://www.bacula.org/> project so they could run regression tests 
on FreeBSD.  I installed PostgreSQL in the host environment.  They 
access the database from within the jail.  They install a PostgreSQL 
client, and then access the database via TCP/IP.

Granted, this doesn't achieve the goal that I think you need: namely, 
a PostgreSQL instance in each jail.

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