[nycbug-talk] Free 19" rack, shortie with wheels

Isaac Levy ike
Sun Oct 16 22:47:21 EDT 2005

Hey all,

I'm moving.  I'm ditching certain items...

So I've got this unique little 19" waist-high rack I pulled from a  
junkyard.  It's great for anyone who's always wanted a little desk- 
height rack to slap old boxes in for dev/whatever.

It had a former life as a 'Wizzard' brand mini-mainframe from the  
80's, and they happened to keep components stacked in a standard 19"  
rack (the guts are long-gone).

With that, I gutted the thing and painted it a while back, and it  
wears it's junkyard dents with pride; fits old rackmount gear nice  
and clean. I'd love to see it go to a good home but it may likely end  
up on the street.

It also makes an excellent staging-bench for working on rackmount  

Email me offlist if you want it- you simply have to come to  
Williamsburg and pick it up sometime in the next 10 days.


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