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pete wright nomadlogic
Wed Oct 19 20:20:04 EDT 2005

On 10/19/05, Aleksandar Kacanski <kacanski_s at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am working on the web project using mod_python and
> apache2.
> To run pdb in mod_python I am trying to run apache
> enabled with threads but as I understand apr library
> needs to be compiled with thread support which is not
> the case by default.
> Could someone explain to me what are the port options
> to enable /usr/ports/devel/apr to compile and install
> with thread support enabled.

hmm...checking out /usr/ports/devel/apr show's this....
# Tunables:
# APR_UTIL_WITHOUT_THREADS: disable threads support
# APR_UTIL_WITH_GDBM: force dependency on the GNU dbm
# APR_UTIL_WITHOUT_GDBM: unconditionally disable the use of GNU dbm
# APR_UTIL_WITH_BERKELEY_DB: force dependency on Sleepycat's Berkeley DB 4.2
# APR_UTIL_WITHOUT_BERKELEY_DB: unconditionally disable the use of db4.2
# (the database bindings are detected and recorded automatically if these
# switches are not set)
# APR_UTIL_WITH_LDAP: force dependency on OpenLDAP

which would lead me to believe that it is build with threads enabeled.


I believe that Apache from the ports has option to
> --enable-threads support (WITH_THREADS) or something
> like that ...
> thanks
> /s
> Aleksandar (Sasha) Kacanski
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