[nycbug-talk] Connectivity problems in NYC?

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Fri Oct 21 16:12:25 EDT 2005

Looking at http://www.internettrafficreport.com/main.htm it looks like 
there are major problems all over the world. Asia is just about gone.


Francisco Reyes wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
>> That's too vague to diagnose. What kinda problems?
> Running mtr (my trace route) shows significant packets dropped at 
> different points. On speakasy some hops had as high as 3o% to 50% drops. 
> On Verizon varied, but was anywhere from 2% to 20% packets loss.
> I was not able to keep an ssh connection for over a few minutes.
> This started yesterday. Today when I do mtr the routes the packets are 
> going are very different as the ones from yesterday. Today they seem to 
> have less packet drop.
> I do think that this is related to the Slashdot article.
> There were particularly two companies that were dropping packets.
> If I recall correctly they were L3 and something like globe3... one was 
> the one reported on Slashdot and the other one was on Speakeasy status 
> notice that they were having problems with them.
> The verizon line seems to be better now.. will check the speakeasy in a 
> few..
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