[nycbug-talk] help understanding pppoe process

pete wright nomadlogic
Tue Oct 25 12:49:09 EDT 2005

Hi All,
I've been having very spotty service on my home covad pppoe connection. I'm
using a DSL rotuer in bridged mode which connects to my 5.x FreeBSD box
running userland ppp and pf. It's been pretty good for a little while, but
recently has become very spotty. I've been going through my logs, but fear I
don't completely understand the in's and out's of pppoe. My
/etc/ppp/ppp.conf files looks like this:

(I've been trying to tune this setup hence the sloppy comments)
# set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP tun command
set device PPPoE:xl0
set mtu max 1492
set mru max 1492
# set speed sync
set cd 5
# set timeout 120
# disable acfcomp protocomp
# deny acfcomp
set authname "foo"
set authkey "bar"
set dial
set login
pete at hunter:~$ ps axuww|grep ppp
root 23244 0.0 0.2 3372 2356 ?? Ss 7:34PM 0:15.02 /usr/sbin/ppp -quiet
-ddial -nat pppoe
pete at hunter:~$ uname -ar
FreeBSD hunter.nomadlogic.org <http://hunter.nomadlogic.org> 5.4-STABLEFreeBSD
5.4-STABLE #15: Sat Oct 22 22:31:16 PDT 2005 \
root at hunter.nomadlogic.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/HUNTER

I am able to get a link and packets fly...then after some time the link will
stop responding and I am not able to ping my gateway. I kill ppp then
restart it and packets are flowing fine for about an hour or so. Wash hands,

Grep'ing /var/log/ppp turns this bit up which I do not completely

Oct 23 03:01:22 hunter ppp[1081]: tun0: IPCP: deflink: Oops, RCR in Initial.
Oct 23 03:01:25 hunter ppp[1081]: tun0: LCP: deflink: RecvTerminateReq(159)
state = Opened
Oct 23 03:01:25 hunter ppp[1081]: tun0: LCP: deflink: LayerDown
Oct 23 03:01:25 hunter ppp[1081]: tun0: LCP: deflink: SendTerminateAck(159)
state = Opened
Oct 23 03:01:25 hunter ppp[1081]: tun0: LCP: deflink: State change Opened
--> Stopping

So as I read this, my link is getting reset (possibly by covad) via this
RecvTerminateReq, but since I'm using -ddial in my ppp process I do a
reconnect. My question is, if I am reading this correctly is it normal for
ISP's to send the RecvTerminateReq's on static links? Is this something I
should look out for, or something that is acceptable for pppoe connections.

In any event, I guess I'll most likely have to turn my router off bridging
mode and use the sketchy packet filtering that comes with it to see if it's
my connection or who know's what. fun.


Pete Wright
www.nycbug.org <http://www.nycbug.org>
NYC's *BSD User Group
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