[nycbug-talk] Sysadmin Scripting Training

Ray Lai nycbug
Wed Oct 26 12:07:53 EDT 2005

On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 08:16:25AM -0700, pete wright wrote:
> So I work with a couple guy's who have been doing the Sysadmin thing for a
> while. They are well versed in IRIX and Linux support (providing desktop
> support, OS install's/upgrades, basic network admin, hardware support,
> etc.). Now they have not had any formal CS training, and have done little in
> the way of programming (aside from writing loops in thier shell's and quick
> one off shell scripts) but want to take their admin skills to the next level
> which I think is a great thing. I've been trying to get them to go through
> the Camel book, but I think these guy's may be better suited to taking a
> more structured approach to learning basic programming/scripting skills.
> I've seen this link and have no opinion on it yet (especially since I tend
> to fail spectacularly in structured class room environments):
> http://oreilly.useractive.com/courses/asac4.php3?course=asac4&partnerid=18
> So what do you all think...sysadmin scripting is it a skill that you just
> have to teach yourself or are these online training courses worth it? I'm
> sure there is at least one person here with an opinion on this ;^)

Personally, I find it easiest to learn by having a goal.  I want
to automate this.  I want to change the output of this.  Then look
into existing code and figure out why it does what it does, and how
it can be changed to do what I want.

I've never been able to learn how to code from a book unless it's
something I already know very well, in which case the book just
fills in the gaps.  Doing actual coding has always worked much

That said, taking classes also worked.  It gives you homework to
do, which I'm assuming will be coding problems, and a person to ask
questions if you're truly lost.


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