[nycbug-talk] New Amex site

Scott Robbins scottro
Wed Oct 26 18:13:09 EDT 2005

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I've gottten quite used to using my FreeBSD workstation as desktop.  One
of the many things I do is pay Amex bills online.

I see that they now have a flash heavy site.  In native opera it
wouldn't work--I'd click pay bill and nothing would happen.

In native firefox, it froze the browser as do some other flash heavy

In linux-firefox which I keep for flash-heavy sites, such as
tvguide.com's listings, it just kept redirecting it back to something
else, so I still couldn't pay my bill.

So, I booted into ArchLinux, and used its firefox.  Linux's firefox
flash support is a bit better.  

I then tried, after editing libmap.conf to temporarily disable flash.
I'm sure there's an easier way to do it, but it wasn't something I was
going to google this week.  :)

That will also work. 

I called them to complain (as there's no email address easily findable
on the site for such things) and got an address that can be used to mail
complaints about the site.  I plan to write a message of complaint to
them, more to make myself feel better than anything else.   They could,
I suppose, argue that the site works with non-Windows O/S's, as Linux
works, but still, I feel they should offer a non-flash version.

As this email is more to vent to a (hopefully) sympathetic audience, I'm
not going to put the snail mail address to send complaints here.  If
anyone wants it, feel free to email me off list.

What annoys me is that their site has always worked without
trouble--however, now, they have an announcement about how their site is
best viewed with flash, blah blah. 

Grouchily yours,

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Scott Robbins

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