[nycbug-talk] disk monitoring tool port, looks usefull

Jesse Callaway jesse
Fri Oct 28 13:19:05 EDT 2005

On Monday 24 October 2005 10:09 pm, Charles Sprickman says:

> And speaking of drive failures and testing, I did not realize until 
> recently that most any vendor's tools will diagnose any other vendor's 
> drives.  I've been using the Seagate tool since they are nice enough to 
> provide a floppy-sized bootable ISO.  Truly amazing that they pack a 
> fairly usable GUI tool in 1.44MB.  Of all the tools I've played with, 
> SeaTools seems to have the most verbose reporting...
> Don't get me started on trying to test SCSI drives attached to a RAID 
> controller...
> Charles

Oh, get started. What do you use? BTW - Does WD still ship their little diagnostic floppy?


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