[nycbug-talk] off site backup

George Georgalis george
Fri Oct 28 14:25:00 EDT 2005

What are people doing for off site backup? I know there is a lot
of options, my only requirement is to mitigate risk, which is
kinda vague. There is about 60Gb which may double in a year.  It
would be desirable to have on line access to the older data.
Typically I do frequent rsync with hardlinks into dated folders on
HD, so local snapshots are available at the site.

This data is highly private, so that must be part of the formula.
I was thinking of a system similar to the local backups, doing a
pull from a colo machine; and at the same time making cd/dvd or
tapes at the main site which would go into a (bank) safe deposit
box or some other facility.

My tendency is to think an off site raid mirror functioning as a
copy of the local raid mirror snapshots is pretty comprehensive.
It is difficult for me to focus on the benefits of dated tape, hd,
or cd/dvd in a storage facility. What is the real benefit of that?
Very quick disaster recovery is not necessary, but 3 days would
defiantly be better than a week to recover.  How do I find the
sweet spot of medium, interval and rotation? Is off line medium
really necessary here?

// George

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