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N.J. Thomas njt
Fri Oct 28 16:01:52 EDT 2005

* George Georgalis <george at galis.org> [2005-10-28 14:25:00 -0400]:
> What are people doing for off site backup? I know there is a lot of
> options, my only requirement is to mitigate risk, which is kinda
> vague. There is about 60Gb which may double in a year.  It would be
> desirable to have on line access to the older data.

I'm evaluating backup and offsite backup options for work right now. We
have about 1.5TB that we need to backup.

We're still in the planning phase, so I haven't seriously started
looking at our options yet, but somebody recommended to me earlier in
the week that some sort of JBOD array was the way to go. The Internet
Archive spun off a company called Capricorn Technologies that makes
something called "Petaboxes". They are 1/1.6/2 TB 1u rack nodes that you
can stack together for a petabyte of storage.

Here's their site:


I contacted them a few days ago and asked for pricing and info, but so
far no one's gotten back to me yet.

> My tendency is to think an off site raid mirror functioning as a
> copy of the local raid mirror snapshots is pretty comprehensive.

Oddly enough, the Petabox nodes don't use RAID internally for some
reason that escapes me at the moment. They just have some nodes set up
as mirrors.

> Typically I do frequent rsync with hardlinks into dated folders on HD,
> so local snapshots are available at the site.

I recommend rsnapshot if you are not using it already:



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