[nycbug-talk] Anyone know of a good source...

Gordon Smith g
Fri Sep 2 17:06:52 EDT 2005

Ladies and gentlemen... That was Vertigo, here until next Thursday.  BTW,
try the veal.  ;-)

To address Alex's point, it might be interesting to ask you all what your
favorite websites are for "skills vs. compensation" information (short of
buying surveys from Gartner or some such).  It's always good to have a
reliable (???) yardstick handy to see whether one's offer is reasonable.


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On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 04:26:38PM -0400, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
> I sense hostility. This attitude is probably why you will be next person
> to be fired (or were fired recently).
> Fact is, in this industry, you get paid according to your skills. If your
> skills justify 150$/hr, you will have no problem finding someone who will
> pay you that. If on other hand, you are a PC reboot monkey, you will have
> problem finding even 30k$/year job.
> -alex

Hostility, no, I'm never hostile.  :)  BTW, I quit.


"In the outside world, all forms of intelligence, whether of sound or 
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