[nycbug-talk] Anyone know of a good source...

Kevin Reiter tux
Fri Sep 2 19:12:39 EDT 2005

Vertigo wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 05:09:55PM -0400, Mikel King wrote:
>>Anyone know of a good source for entry level (low 30s) PC Techs? Some  
>>one who might be capable of learning MAC and BSD...?
>>Thanks in advance.
> Oh, I see what you're looking for--a place to find a bunch of naive
> computer geeks to give crappy jobs to.  No raises, no benefits, 
> strictly off the books.  401K? Yeah, right.  Yeah, there's this corner
> in Queens that always has a bunch of mexicans standing on it every
> morning.  I believe they charge per diem, but my spanish is a bit
> rusty.

Everyone has to start somewhere - one of the companies I worked for as an 
underpaid contractor in the early days paid just about $20k with NO 
bennies, but I learned more from that place in 1 month than from almost 
anywhere else I've ever worked in the field.  And it wasn't like they 
couldn't afford it, either.  John Deere Corporate Headquarters just 
doesn't like to pay their contractors well...

.. and not *all* entry-level positions suck, either.  Playing Half-Life 
and UT on the LAN to "test for packet collisions" for 2 weeks (during 
regular hours, mind you!) wasn't all that hard to take.

Nobody here can say they were born knowing what they know now - we've all 
had those low-paying tech jobs, but the ones who rise to the top are the 
ones who actually learn something from them and then pass them on to the 
next up-and-coming tech.

..just my .01 x 2 ..


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