[nycbug-talk] OT: noisy servers

Marco Scoffier marco
Mon Sep 12 11:33:21 EDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 11:21:13AM -0400, Jerry B. Altzman wrote:
>hi all
>apologies for the off-topic post.
>I picked up off of eBay a very nice dual-proc P3 system.
>Alas, I did not know the size ahead of time; it turns out to be 26" deep 
>(by 19" by 1u) and my little cabinet is only 24" deep...so I've got a 
>very noisy machine (which runs FreeBSD 5.4 like a CHAMP, by the way) 
>that I'm loathe to use because, well, it's just so damn NOISY.
>Does anyone know of any reasonable ways to help dampen the sound?
>(I've already tried "turn it off". That works, but is sub-optimal as a 

I had a similar problem.  I replaced every fan in the box with silent
ones, including one in the powersupply, it makes a _huge_ difference.


Fan sizes are standard.  Only problem is the SCSI disks are loud, so I
can hear emails come in late at night.


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