[nycbug-talk] route add help please

Josh Rivel josh
Tue Sep 13 16:59:48 EDT 2005

Steve Rieger wrote...
> i want to make this permanent on a server that has an ip address of
> bge0
> bge1
> i wanty all traffic running to
> so the comand would be something along the lines of
> route add mask -p
> but i do not know the exact syntax, can one of you gods please  
> enlighten me.

man route(8)

route add default

To make this change permanent:

Under OpenBSD:
(as root user) echo > /etc/mygate

Under FreeBSD edit /etc/rc.conf (as root)
and put defaultrouter="" in that file.

You didn't menation what OS you are running on this machine.


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