[nycbug-talk] Any more NYCBSDCon Volunteers?

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Sep 15 08:49:34 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm the organizer in charge of the Volunteer staff at NYCBSDCon on  
Saturday, and I just wanted to email this list to see if there's  
anyone who'd like to volunteer, who did not receive my email this  

Just email me directly:

ike at lesmuug.org

Tasks in a nutshell:

+ 7am-8am, post flyers around campus
+ 8am-9am, help with registration, misc setup help
-- throughout the day, being available for misc. helper tasks
+ post-conference take-down, (minimal), and help getting groups of  
people to the after-party

If you don't get the email, and just want to help, approach me on  
Saturday!  I'm this guy:

Thanks!  See you on Saturday!

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