[nycbug-talk] large file download via apache (updated)

Steve Rieger steve.rieger
Fri Sep 16 14:25:29 EDT 2005

me thinks that me found the issue

Free Memory Pages is right about the size of when i can no longer  
download the files larger than this.

how would i go about increasing this to 1 gig, and is it recomended.

this server has 4 gigs of ram, scsi drives, etc....
uname -a

FreeBSD apache1.xxx.com 5.4-STABLE FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE #1: Mon Aug  1  
16:09:42 EDT 2005     sr at apache1.xxx.com:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/xxx- 
custom-smp  i386

%sysctl -a | grep -i memory
Virtual Memory:         (Total: 2928K, Active 474236K)
Real Memory:            (Total: 3155056K Active 72560K)
Shared Virtual Memory:  (Total: 36456K Active: 17528K)
Shared Real Memory:     (Total: 28084K Active: 13492K)
Free Memory Pages:      469848K
hw.cbb.start_memory: 2281701376
p1003_1b.memory_protection: 0
p1003_1b.shared_memory_objects: 1

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