[nycbug-talk] Great conference!

George R. george
Sun Sep 18 17:27:50 EDT 2005

On Sep 18, 2005, at 5:06 PM, Trish Lynch wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Sep 2005, Jay Savage wrote:
>> Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made today possible! By far
>> the best reason I've had to suffer the D train on a Saturday in a  
>> long
>> time. My only regret is that I didn't get to talk to more people (and
>> that I had other engagements during the postmortem).
>> Congrats to all involved, and many thanks to everyone who helped put
>> it together and everyone who presented. Special thanks, too, to Eric
>> Allman for stepping up at the las minute.
>> -- jay savage
> It was nice coming back into the BSD community and having such a  
> warm welcome, its become evident that now is the time to devote  
> more time to open source and BSD endeavors specifically, that I'll  
> have more free time to do it.
> George, Ike, and all the rest of the organizers impressed me with  
> thier dedication and hard work, and it looks like a wonderful  
> conference will be due for next year as well.
> Its about time NYC started to shine in the open source world.
> -Trish

Thanks all.

This effort was of many many people. . . and we will be sending out a  
followup for all the thank you's and so on soon, including a post-con  
survey about your experiences.  Max and Nathan, Mikel and Brad, Eric  
Allman for stepping up when Phillip was late, the excellent speakers  
who kept to a tight schedule, those who came in from Ohio, Toronto,  
Ottawa, San Francisco, Detroit, the Angelos' and others at  
Columbia . . . the list is really long, but no one should be left out.

I think it worked out well, despite a number of problems outside of  
our control, including the Iraqi president on campus which closed  
entry and exit for part of lunch, some running event in Harlem, and a  
complete mess with the 1 and 2/3 trains that day.

Michael Lucas stayed by me Saturday night, and was really excited.    
He said it was one of the better conferences he has attended.  And to  
be honest, a major reason we held the thing in the first place was  
because he threatened me at BSDCan about having something in NYC. <g>

Anyway, we'd appreciate comments offline, outside of the survey all  
attendees will get, so don't hesitate to send a note to nbc at  
nycbug.org.  Please post blogs to the list. . . I only know of this  
one from Jay Savage:


The video/audio should be up online soon, HUGE thanks goes to Max and  
Nathan. . . they spent a lot of time working things out so that there  
wouldn't be any problems.

One last note, huge credit needs to go to the core of this thing:  
Ike, Hans, Okan and especially Michael, who hates *any* credit, but  
without whom so little would happen.  He has been an enormous  
fundamental in NYCBUG since the first organizing meeting, yet keeps a  
lower profile than a live chicken at a KFC factory (and he'll  
probably punch me for even saying his name).


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