[nycbug-talk] Apache, ftp, samba, etc....

Max Gribov max
Tue Sep 27 00:01:46 EDT 2005

How about webdav?
That can provide a nice filesharing/authoring envionment, fully 
compatible with windows where you can create "my favorite network places 
thing" as well as use strict authentication control - all within one 
apache daemon instance.
Of course, this setup is pretty specific, for example if you have a 
developer/web developer team, but it will also cover basic file 
sharing/authoring. There are various authentication modules for apache, 
for ldap, postgresql/mysql, so user management becomes a breeze.
Of course, if you are talking about a domain controller, and a mounted 
"my documents" or something share, then smb would be the way to go.
What are you trying to secure this from, internal people?

Erik Phillips wrote:

> Perhaps someone can help on this project.  I'm trying to intergrate a 
> web, ftp, and smb server (all on the same box) into our local network, 
> basically the box will be functioning as an internal multi network 
> service server (mouthful!!!!)
> Anyway, here are my questions:
> 1. Is there anyway to accomplish this using apache (web server), 
> pure-ftp (ftp/sftp server), and samba (smb service)?
> 2. How difficult will it be to secure these services?
> 3. Lastly, would a jail be an option for the smb service?
> I'm going through all my the reference materials (absolute bsd, bsd 
> hacks, using samba, the handbook, etc.....) trying to piece together 
> the right combination.  Before I continue any further, is this setup 
> even possible?
> OS=FreeBSD 5.4 box=p4 1.6 with 1.5 gig of memory.
> Thanks in advanced,
> -Erik-
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