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alex at pilosoft.com alex
Fri Sep 30 14:34:29 EDT 2005

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Paul Dlug wrote:

> I might be shopping for some colo space, we need two cabinets each with
> 2 x 110V/20A and 2 x 220V/30A power circuits. Our existing colo is
> giving us some problems providing this power. If anyone has a better
> color option I'd be willing to consider it, please contact off- list.
We can do that. Of course, its a matter of price. Consider that cost of
'bare utility power' (without including cost of equipment maintenance,
overhead of UPS/HVAC units, depreciation on equipment, etc) is
approximately 15$/A. The 'overhead' costs pretty much double it - thus if
you are paying less than 30$/A, someone is losing money on you.

I have to ask - do you really use this much power? 2*20A*110V + 2*220V*30A 
is *100A* of power per cabinet. Consider that this is equivalent to 5 
average cabinets (which use 20A per cab) - so expect to pay 5 times the 
'going price' of 750$/cab (as in, 3750$ per cab, 7500$/mo total). That's 
what we can offer to you. 

On other hand, if you don't actually *use* that much power, we can provide
you custom pricing based on the actual power utilization in amps. Each
rack with that many circuits will cost 300/month plus 42$/A of
actual utilization (at 110V) plus 84$/A of actual utilization at (220V).

We have our own facility, so we know exactly how these numbers work. If 
you (or anyone else is interested), we can show it to you ;)

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