[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD Funding

Jonathan Vanasco nycbug-list at 2xlp.com
Sat Apr 1 00:54:41 EST 2006

On Apr 1, 2006, at 12:28 AM, Pete Wright wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 04:46:53PM -0500, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
>> Is there not a facility within FreeBSD where people can donate to a
>> specific sponsorship/whatever through a proxy non-profit so that
>> donations are charitable?
> www.freebsdfoundation.org
> although, i am not sure if they are able to dole out donations to
> specific hackers.  as of now i know they are working on improving java
> support.

someone should set up some sort of umbrella/shell 501c3 that does this:

	lets an individual hacker register and put up a solicitation for  
	acts as a middleman and
		a- processes contributions so people get tax deductions
		b- 'contracts' the hacker to write the code and release it under an  
open source license
it would basically be like a bounty system, but run everything  
through a shell 501c3 so contributions are tax deductable.

i bet with a kickass accountant, the 'contract' for the hacker to  
code whatever could be specced out so the difference in pay between  
working on it as an open source project ( ~800 wk ) and the market  
value of the work if it were for a company ( ~2-3k a week judging by  
NYT classifieds ) could be made as a tax deduction too.

i'm gonna ask some lawyer friends how hard that would be to set up  
this weekend.

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