[nycbug-talk] remote power for cages

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Wed Apr 5 17:43:52 EDT 2006

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Jerry B. Altzman wrote:

> (Probably the wrong list, but expertise is here.)
> Any recommendations for remote-control power strips (e.g. blackbox
> pow-r-boot type of gizmo) for cages?
> I'm looking for experiences, good or bad. I'll be happy to summarize
> responses to the list.
I use baytech. They are ok, but interfacing is kind of sucky for any kind
of automation. (You end up writing expect scripts).

Others love APC. APC are generally nicer (shows amperage on builtin LCD) 
but more pricey.


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