[nycbug-talk] this past Wed meeting & administrativa. .

George R. george at sddi.net
Fri Apr 7 16:03:45 EDT 2006

*  For those who were at the meeting this past Thursday. . . I'd be
curious to hear feedback.

Basically, the concept of that meeting, and possibly some future ones is

have "open summit" meetings that invite anyone to open up a discussion
around a particular problem or solution that they want to talk about.
So the other night, Bjorn spoke about his issues of moving from BSD to
Linux at his new employer, Alfred Perlstein spoke about the
OkayCupid.com web infrastructure and some other things were raised.

Ultimately, the goal is to mix having a regular speaker for meetings,
like we have with Mickey and co next meeting, with more open formats.

In essence, this means reflecting the tone and discussions of our talk
list in a meeting format.

Again, if you were at the meeting and have feedback, let me know.  And
if you weren't, I'd be happy to listen to that too.

*  Also, the next meeting will NOT be at the Apple Store, as it will be

*  Finally, as we did last year, we will be raising some funds at the
next meeting for the OBSD Hackathon.  Last year we collected some $600,
which was impressive.  This time, we ask that everyone attending
considers bringing their donation to the meeting.


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