[nycbug-talk] What client connected to nfsd?

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Tue Apr 11 12:30:32 EDT 2006

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 12:19:46PM -0400, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> Pete Wright writes:
> >>I may be missing the point of your question since it's not an nfs  
> >>utility per-se, but,
> >># netstat | grep nfs
> Not enough info (will explain)
> >you may want to check out showmount
> Here is my situation.
> I had an nfsd proces which was using up all the I/O the machine could 
> handle. I could kill it, but another nfsd will again will just pickup the 
> process.
> I am basically trying to tie up the process ID from ps/top to a particular 
> machine connecting to that particular nfsd daemon.
> So.. figure I start out in top, then "m" to view I/O, then 
> o "total"  to sort.. 
> I see an nfsd with let's say a process ID (PID) 419 doing hundreds 
> of transactions per second.. and vmstat "b" column shows the HDs are 
> falling behind with nearly 200 transactions pending.. I now want to find 
> what machine is connected to the nfsd with PID 419

ahh...pretty fun problem there ;)

have you tried running:
% strace -p 419

this should show you a couple things, what the nfsd is doing and
hopefully what client it is doing it with.

egad's, been doing too much on linux lately, that's ktrace not strace ;)


> My guess is that a program was having problems and was doing lots of 
> transactions... at the client.. problem is that I don't know which 
> client machine.
> I tried tcpdump, but that pretty much showed me all the nfs clients. :-(

hmm..yea that's alot of data, esp. if it's pegging your machine.  not
sure how much time you have to work on this, but maybe
/usr/ports/net/ng_netflow can be of some help?


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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