[nycbug-talk] distributed shell

Tillman Hodgson tillman at seekingfire.com
Tue Apr 11 13:41:10 EDT 2006

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 08:10:15AM -0700, Peter Wright wrote:
> hey all, does anyone know of a good distributed shell.  i've been using
> PDSH for a while
> http://www.llnl.gov/linux/pdsh/
> ..but the documentation is lacking, and has some other issues that i am
> not happy with.  i'm also checking out dsh:
> http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/software/dsh.html
> not sure what i think of it yet.
> any other ones out there i'm missing?

I'm a fan of ClusterIt, and wrote an article on it a few years ago
that's referenced from the project web page:

It's very familiar feeling for those with PSSP experience, and it works
great in a Kerberized environment. One could use SSH as well, though I
haven't worked with it that way.


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longer matters. 
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