[nycbug-talk] time you spend in your tasks

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Fri Apr 14 15:10:56 EDT 2006

Jonathan Vanasco writes:

> the FOSS solutions are great when it comes to code and features - but  
> there's something to be said about paying someone to deal with the  
> headaches like backup/failsafe and maintenance.

... like.. you don't have control of the data.. and if the company goes out 
of business you could loose it all. That by far is my biggest issue with 
solutions hosted by others.

> do you want something to go wrong in your office, and have people  
> jumping all over you non stop 'when will this be fixed?'

That is nothing compared to "the company we used went out of business and we 
can't get ANY of the data you entered" 

Does that service you mentioned offers a way to get all your data out 
in some way shape or form?

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