[nycbug-talk] BSD on the <$100 laptop?

Josh McCormack joshmccormack at travelersdiary.com
Fri Apr 21 02:24:23 EDT 2006

Those specs are actually pretty good when compared to the ancient
laptop (less than $100, btw) that I've been playing around with,
running OpenBSD. I've written about it on my new OpenBSD blog,

I desperately want to write more, but have been working like 18 hours
a day for weeks and barely have time to sleep. :) soon......


On 4/14/06, Patrick Tracanelli <eksffa at freebsdbrasil.com.br> wrote:
> If it gets to be Open Source (Linux or BSD) what do you think about the
> GUI enviroment? Will it end up on Xorg? And what about the applications?
> Lets think of a project, we have 128MB RAM and 512MB on Flash Card, what
> would you add to this system?
> Maybe we can set a experimental system before the OLPC hardware is
> ready. I have access to this kind of hardware:
> http://www.fic.com.br/img/FIC.jpg
> http://www.fic.com.br/img/Thin_Traseira2.jpg
> Its specification:
> Processor: AMD Geode 266MHz single chip
> Board Chipset: National Semiconductors SC2200
> Memory: 128 DRAM
> Storage: any Flash (I can test with a 512MB one just like OLPC proposes)
> Video: SVGA 4MB 640 x 480 / 800 x 600 / 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz / 72Hz (I am
> not sure about the chipset yet, probably sis.
> Audio: LM 4546
> Onboard LAN: National DP83815 / DP83816
> It is somehow similar to OLPC's hardware specs. But, what would we put
> in there? Which office applications? I dont think 128 is good for
> OpenOffice plus the system, plus XOrg, etc...
> Would we have the software options good enough to this on the open
> source world? Which ones would it be? mplayer? :/ xmms? o_O, well
> well... this would be a tricky exercise...
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