[nycbug-talk] May 3 meeting location

George R. george at sddi.net
Fri Apr 21 12:05:12 EDT 2006

As you can see from our www site, we are not meeting at the Apple Store
for the May 3 meeting.

A third party VOIP/BLEC/etc 3rd party I deal with has a bar downtown at
111 Broadway where we will have a large backroom area.  By then, there
should be 2xt1's in there, plus all things we need.  Plus full service
for food and cocktails.

The bar is called Suspenders, and it's in the basement of the Trinity
building, right up the block from Wall Street.

There will video conferencing capabilities at some point in the near
future, so we could also use the space for getting some non-local speakers.

Anyway, if you're curious to see the space, feel free to stop by and
check out the backroom.

Any comments are be directed to me or admin@ at our domain.


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