[nycbug-talk] Increasing memory for an application

Marc Spitzer mspitzer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 01:51:41 EDT 2006

On 4/23/06, Francisco Reyes <lists at stringsutils.com> wrote:
> Tried freebsd-questions... without much luck..
> --
> While trying to do a quiery in the postgresql client got an error "out of
> memory for query result". After checking the postgresql
> list I got this reply
> "Process memory allowed to the client; this is not a server-side error."
> How would I crease the memory allowed to a specific program?
> I looked at /etc/login.conf and there I see:
> :datasize=unlimited:\
> :stacksize=unlimited:\
> :memorylocked=unlimited:\
> :memoryuse=unlimited:\
> :filesize=unlimited:\

Do you get different behavior if you run as root?

How much RAM is installed on the box?

How much is free?

are you running the psql client on the same box as the server?

How much swap space is there?

How much is avalable?

Does this work else where?

should the result set be this big?

what version of postgress are you running?

are you running a custom kernel?

other questions with answeres to help you solve your problem should go here

What you have done to test should go here

the more information you give us the more likely it is we can and will
help you.

Please also keep in mind the quality of the problem report is seen by
me, and possibly others, as how much you respect the people on the
list who can and are trying to fix your problem for free.  and what I
am see in your requests you do not appear to be putting in much effort
befor bothering the rest of us and I feel that that is quite rude. 
Now if you have been working on the problem it would be best to give a
detailed list of what happened and what you did to try to fix it and
what the results of those actions were, if you can not write a decient
list then why are you bothering us?

Now I am not writting this based on just one thread but after at least
three threads that I have been involved in with you in the last week
or so, two of them tonight.

I am here to discus things with my peers and to help people become my
peers, so we can talk about interesting stuff.  I am not here to
provide free consulting, on a professional level I do not care about
your problems.  The reason for this is you do not pay me to care about
your problems.  You are acting like a client and are not paying my
rate, please fix the first part or the second.


> Is this a kernel setting?

ps could be, look into it and tell us

> Looking at top, it seems the psql client got to 512MB before it reported the
> error.
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