[nycbug-talk] upgrading openbsd

michael lists at genoverly.net
Sun Apr 23 13:49:19 EDT 2006

I frequently keep pretty up-to-date snapshots running on some of my
OpenBSD boxes.  Even though mergemaster is not in base, I use it to
update the etc files after an upgrade.  To make this process easier, I
tend to trim the new tree before merging.  Example.. on two of the
boxes I will *never* run a web server, so, I `rm -r new_etc/var/www`
before I even start.  Anyone who upgrades OpenBSD knows this saves gobs
of keystrokes.

Merging is usually pretty easy because I don't edit system files; e.g.
rc.conf is a system file where rc.conf.local is mine, so mergemaster
doesn't touch it. But, to save time (and potential fat-finger), I'm
thinking of trimming the new tree even more before merging. Here is a
potential list of whacks. Is there any danger in this approach?

On some boxes where I run Postfix rather than Sendmail:

1. rm new_etc/etc/mail/*
2. rm new_etc/etc/mailer.conf

Below, should I check if some new process requires a new user, or whack
it? I have it on this list because don't want to clobber this file by

3. rm new_etc/etc/master.passwd

Below, these I don't want to change or don't really need an update.

4. rm new_etc/etc/motd
5. rm new_etc/etc/myname
6. rm new_etc/etc/pf.conf
7. rm new_etc/etc/sudoers

Below, like master.passwd, should I check if there are *new* cron jobs,
or whack it?

8. rm new_etc/var/cron/tabs/root





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