[nycbug-talk] upgrading openbsd

Marc Spitzer mspitzer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 15:48:02 EDT 2006

On 4/23/06, Pete Wright <pete at nomadlogic.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 01:49:19PM -0400, michael wrote:
> > I frequently keep pretty up-to-date snapshots running on some of my
> > OpenBSD boxes.  Even though mergemaster is not in base, I use it to
> > update the etc files after an upgrade.  To make this process easier, I
> > tend to trim the new tree before merging.  Example.. on two of the
> > boxes I will *never* run a web server, so, I `rm -r new_etc/var/www`
> > before I even start.  Anyone who upgrades OpenBSD knows this saves gobs
> > of keystrokes.
> >
> > Merging is usually pretty easy because I don't edit system files; e.g.
> > rc.conf is a system file where rc.conf.local is mine, so mergemaster
> > doesn't touch it. But, to save time (and potential fat-finger), I'm
> > thinking of trimming the new tree even more before merging. Here is a
> > potential list of whacks. Is there any danger in this approach?
> >
> that's a pretty interesting idea, didn't think about that.  would it
> make sense to keep your local config data in something like RCS or CVS
> and write a Makefile that'll install your custom targets after an
> upgrade?

I do not think that would work, what happens if one of your files changes?
the cvsid line would be different for example so you need to merge  by hand.

mergemaster will auto install anything not already in the target
directory with -i,  It might make more sence to have a cleanup script
to delete what was installed but not wanted.

This way you get all the benifite of mergemaster without the need to
constantly say yes install that.

something like  'rm -rf /var/www ...' or put what you want deleted in
a config file and loop over it and do rm -rf $line

disk is cheap.


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