[nycbug-talk] Favor - Compile Check

Jonathan nycbug-list at 2xlp.com
Tue Apr 25 17:21:48 EDT 2006

If anyone out there has a spare moment and has

	a- FreeBSD 6.0 ( initial )
	b- FreeBSD 6.0 ( upgraded from 5.4 )

can you please try to see if


will build on your system ?

There was an error w/the pthreads, it was fixed in a recent patch,  
but I still can't get it to build on my machine.

I contacted the port maintainer.  He double checked , and got it  
running on a 5.4 and a 6.0 machine

I'm thinking that *maybe* it's because I upgraded to 6.0 from 5.4

I just want to confirm that this issue is on my machine only , before  
I give up on running this app.  ( I tried everything, and then some,  
to get this to work.   which led to me corrupting my linked libraries  
this weekend.  )

Thank You.

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