[nycbug-talk] gmail & spamd

Okan Demirmen okan at demirmen.com
Tue Apr 25 22:51:25 EDT 2006

On Sun 2006.04.16 at 15:50 -0400, michael wrote:
> gmail has always been a moving target for me and my OpenBSD spamd.  I
> read a little snippet on misc@ that seems to help.  It looks like SPF
> in TXT records in DNS are getting popular.  gmail lists their smtp
> servers in that record so..
> $ dig gmail.com TXT +short | tr "\ " "\n" | \
> 	grep ^ip4: | cut -d: -f2 > /mywhite_gmail
> ..will put all gmail mail servers out to a file.  I can then add that
> table my pf rules.  I could probably add all the mail giants to this
> table too. ..aside from allowing all gmail mail into my server.. [grin]  
> Is there any danger in this?  

i suppose not, however after pulling gmail's spf list, it doesn't quite
match my current reality - i've got spamd whitelisted ip's (spamdb) from
blocks NOT in those advertised in dns; of course, some do overlap.

either way, it's not a danger, but not foolproof.

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