[nycbug-talk] Defcon 14 EFF Dunk Tank, NYC*BUG represented!

Peter Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Tue Aug 8 13:07:25 EDT 2006

> On 7/24/06, Isaac Levy <ike at lesmuug.org> wrote:
>> Hey All,
>> The EFF is putting on a Dunk-Tank fundraiser at Defcon 14, and I've
>> been coerced to represent NYC*BUG in the wet-seat, all for a fine
>> cause, the EFF.
>> http://taosecurity.blogspot.com/2006/07/call-for-def-con-dunk-tank-
>> volunteers.html
>> Anyone who's been itching to get in a potshot with me will have a
>> clear shot in Vegas, check the dunk-booth for the schedule, and pass
>> the word.
> For those who couldn't make it to Defcon, some pictures taken by
> Declan McCullagh/CNet are available at
> http://news.com.com/Photos+Hacking+at+Defcon/2300-1029_3-6102806.html
> Ike can be seen in photo 3.

hey thanks for the link.  i sorta remember some of that stuff too.  must
have been a good defcon ;)


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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