[nycbug-talk] FBSD sysutils/bsdstats

Jeff Quast af.dingo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 11:27:01 EDT 2006

On 8/9/06, michael <lists at genoverly.net> wrote:
> Funny.. the OP in those links put up another link as a reference:
> (http://www.mreriksson.net/uptimes/) The Uptime Project.  I never
> really understood that cheesy bravado.  Why would you want to brag that
> you have not patched your box for the last 6 years?  And not just brag..
> but to register it and have it available on a website, along side
> other poorly maintained boxen.. like it is a badge of honor.


"In various discussions one can often hear the argument "I can't
reboot my machine, it will give me bad uptime.". For some reason some
communities are using the uptime of a machine as a compensation for
something else being small. This creates bad system administration
This diff remedies the problem by allowing people to enlarge their
Epenis by arbitrarily adjusting their uptime through sysctl. Not
tested other than that it builds. "

Too funny. I send this patch out to anybody who just _has_ to mention
their awsome uptime. What a joke.

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