[nycbug-talk] apache on freebsd

Jonathan Vanasco nycbug-list at 2xlp.com
Wed Aug 23 04:27:45 EDT 2006

I'm running modperl2 under freebsd / apache2 (prefork  , built from  
ports )

a 'startup.pl' file in the httpd.conf loads a ton of modules before  
apache forks, to take advantage of memory sharing

on my osx dev boxes, that means
	80 MB memory on parent apache
	10-20 MB memory per child process

on my freebsd6 box though, i'm seeing
	121 MB memory on parent apache
	121 MB memory per child process

i don't know why freebsd is using 40mb more memory, but right now i  
don't care.... my bigger problem is that apache is just not sharing  

some friends on the mod-perl who use freebsd list are checking on  
things-- but i figured i should check to see if anyone here is  
running apache2 or apache2+modperl under freebsd6 and might have a  
clue from the other perspective

i've got the same apache binary running a few different ways on my  
server ( using different httpd.conf files to create tailored  
servers ).  from what i can tell, no apache processes are sharing  
memory, mod_perl or not.

anyone have an idea what could cause this?

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