[nycbug-talk] Scripting(Date&Time) Question

Kevin Reiter tux at penguinnetwerx.net
Fri Dec 29 13:32:56 EST 2006


Fairly simple (I think) question here:

When echoing the date into a logfile from a script, I'm noticing the time never changes.

Here's an example of the resulting log entries:

12/29/2006 13:15:47: www_data compressed.
12/29/2006 13:15:47: Database dump done.
12/29/2006 13:15:47: Checksums created.
12/29/2006 13:15:47: Other stuff done.
12/29/2006 13:15:47: Sending files to remote server...
12/29/2006 13:15:47: Files sent.

Here's the code snippet that defines the date format:

DATE=`date +'%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S'`

Here's the actual code snippets in the script that echo the $DATE into the log:

echo "$DATE: www_data compressed." >> www_backup.log
echo "$DATE: Database dump done." >> www_backup.log
echo "$DATE: Checksums created." >> www_backup.log

Is there a reason the time isn't updated when the script runs?  I'm guessing here that the 
$DATE variable grabs the current time when the script kicks off and doesn't update it in 
real-time as the script proceeds - would that be a close guess?

What would need to be changed in order for the current time to be entered into the logfile? 
Any assistance would be most appreciated.


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