[nycbug-talk] tonight's meeting - proxy question

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Wed Jul 5 16:55:55 EDT 2006

Hi all,

As usual I can't make it tonight since I have much more exciting things to 
do like prepping for a colonoscopy. :)

I was reading Alfred's resume and see that he's done some work with Apple 
and hacks on Darwin in his spare time.  One question I've always had for 
anyone that is "inside" the core of Apple is this:

Do you use OS-X regularly, and if so, what utilities, tools, etc. do you 
use to feel more at home with OS-X?  Some examples:

-term programs (iTerm, Terminal, *term + X11, ?)
-"ports" solutions (darwin ports, fink, etc.)
-expose' or virtual desktop software (and if so, which, and any hints as 
to Apple will ever address this in OS-X or if expose' is their answer)
-any other creature comforts...
-any "os-x for *nix users" mailing lists/forums? (there are so many 
places to ask general mac questions, but most of them lead to voodoo 

If someone attending the meeting could perhaps ask some questions on my 
behalf, I'd be really thankful.  I keep waiting for JKH to come up with an 
article for DN or similar detailing his OS-X goodies, but no joy so far.



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