[nycbug-talk] To ping or not to ping, that is the question...

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Sat Jul 8 07:41:36 EDT 2006

Hi Ray,

On Jul 8, 2006, at 7:31 AM, Ray Lai wrote:

>> Inside the box:
>> - to my knowledge, (and digging through the man pages), ping cannot
>> bind itself to a particular network interface, which is a problem on
>> boxes with multiple interfaces, with IP's all on the same subnet.
>> (ping just finds the first IP route, and pings out on that interface.
> NetBSD and OpenBSD's ping allows this with the -I flag.  FreeBSD's
> allows it with the -S flag.

Well I stand corrected, happily :)

>> Outside the box:
>> - to my knowledge, (and digging through the man pages), ping does not
>> have any options which let the utility return some sort of boolean
>> value for weather or not a packet was returned.
> It returns 0 if a packet was received and other values otherwise,
> depending on the operating system.  You'll probably want to use the
> -c flag.
> -Ray-

Ok- so now here's my new question, how can I get ping to return less  
verbose stuff, a simple integer returned would be way nicer to  
programatically deal with (vs. having to parse the text)- which in  
the context of my app, is all just verbose garbage for me to deal  

Additionally, I'd like to be able to set some kind of response  
timeout, (under 1 second)?


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