[nycbug-talk] Noob networking question

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Thu Jul 20 19:42:13 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I have a FreeBSD 6.0 atalk (networking for Macintosh) server in a small
office, and I am getting radically different speeds, from different
machines (all 100T ethernet connections) even at night when I know I am
the only one doing anything on the network.  

The slowness seems more obvious using appletalk, because to copy a 500MB
file from one machine to the shared disk took a minute, to copy it from
the server, behind the switch the copy was asking for several hours.
And copying it from the server to another machine took 24mins.

Question 1) are there any tools I can use to tune the speed of different
services (like appletalk) through the network ?

Question 2) I have a few machines off a switch (linksys 100 baseT) which
is connected through the uplink port and a crossover to the main
router/firewall/gateway netgear.  Machines connected to this switch
(which is new) seem much much slower than the rest.  Is there anything
I can do about this ?

A little bit lost here, things just ain't workin' like they should,

Thanks for any pointers,


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