[nycbug-talk] Noob networking question

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Fri Jul 21 07:47:13 EDT 2006

On Fri, Jul 21, 2006 at 12:06:23AM -0400, Charles Sprickman wrote:
<snip auto negotiation stuff moved to email reply to Pete>
>>The slowness seems more obvious using appletalk, because to copy a 500MB
>>file from one machine to the shared disk took a minute, to copy it from
>>the server, behind the switch the copy was asking for several hours.
>>And copying it from the server to another machine took 24mins.
>Are the machines with differing speeds all Macs?  Different models of 
>Macs?  Different versions of OS-X?

All the clients are Macs.  Different models, but all finally at OS 10.4.
>>Question 2) I have a few machines off a switch (linksys 100 baseT) which
>>is connected through the uplink port and a crossover to the main
>>router/firewall/gateway netgear.  Machines connected to this switch
>>(which is new) seem much much slower than the rest.  Is there anything
>>I can do about this ?
>Perhaps that's your problem right there, you might have a duplex mismatch 
>between the switches, or just a bum cable connecting them.
still a bit stumped on solving the auto-negotiation and duplex mismatch
problems...  Bum cables I can handle :)



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