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> Please don't throw bottles :) I figured that there was some crossover 
> for this list - can anyone suggest a good starting point for trying
> out OpenSolaris (or Solaris) with respect to trying it on commodity
> hardware and playing with ZFS? I googled, found nothing that seemed
> like a gentle introduction.

Sun *wants* you to use it.  They try to make it really easy.  

1. Do some reading..

	What is the difference between the OpenSolaris project and the
	Solaris Operating System?

	Solaris Express: This is a binary release for customers. It's
	Sun's official release of the OpenSolaris bits as well as
	additional technology that has not been released into the
	OpenSolaris source base. Sun offers limited support for this
	release. It's primarily intended for Solaris customers to try
	out the very latest technology that will eventually be
	productized by Sun. Solaris Express is updated monthly and is
	available as a free binary download.

	Hardware Requirements

	The Solaris 10 OS runs on the following platforms:
	* 64-bit Sun UltraSPARC and Fujitsu SPARC64 platforms
	* 64-bit Sun and third-party x64 platforms
	* 32-bit Sun and third-party x86 platforms

	Solaris Enterprise System Highlights

	The last few decades of file system research have resulted in a
	great deal of progress in performance and recoverability.
	However, anyone who has ever lost important files, run out of
	space on a partition, or struggled with a volume manager
	understands the need for improvement in the areas of data
	integrity, manageability, and scalability. Solaris ZFS
	(zettabyte file system), coming in a Solaris 10 update,
	incorporates advanced data security and protection features,
	eliminating the need for fsck or other recovery mechanisms. By
	redefining file systems as virtualized storage, Solaris ZFS
	will enable virtually unlimited scalability.

	ZFS Learning Center

	Get familiar with the world's most advanced file system—Solaris
	ZFS—with easy access to multimedia presentations and demos at
	the ZFS Learning Center.

2. Get it..
	Solaris Express 6/06 Software: Free

3. Install it..
	(if you have installed any unixy OS before, try it yourself!)

4. Load software not in base..

5. Learn and enjoy



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