[nycbug-talk] U.S surrenders ICANN control

Jonathan Vanasco nycbug-list at 2xlp.com
Thu Jul 27 21:16:36 EDT 2006

On Jul 27, 2006, at 6:26 PM, Marc Spitzer wrote:

> I think it is an action that will result in bad things happening, at
> least we still have the root DNS servers and that should definitly be
> a from my cold dead hand issue.  Keep in mind that in much of the
> world free speach is a crime.  Think PRC and teniman square.  or the
> fact that nazi stuff is illegal in france and france filed criminal
> charges against the asshole selling it from yahoo or ebay.  now give
> those same people more power to delist yahoo or ebay for doing
> something that is perfictly legal here.  The US designed it,
> researched it, built it, watched over it and was kind enought to let
> everyone else use it.  If the rest of the world does not like it why
> cangt they just build their own.
> it might just fracture the internet and I am not sure this is a bad
> thing in the long run,

i'd argue that the us doesn't have free speech anymore either.  the  
difference between other countries and the us is that overseas speech  
is censored / illegal from the outself, while in america speech is  
'free' in theory and the price of a good lawyer in practice.

i'm pretty sure that there's never been an actually effective  
international body.  at best the new group can be as functional as  
the UN-- which means at best, they'll accomplish absolutely nothing.

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