[nycbug-talk] NYCBUG cvsup server

Peter Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Jul 28 13:25:54 EDT 2006

> Awesome, this is so cool! , I've been hoping to do this for a while, but
> being so busy at paltalk, and being sick, I haven't had time to get
> involved.
> Now that I'm leaving full time employment here (I'm consulting to them
> indefinitely), I'll be able to get more involved, singing the "more free
> time" Mantra, but first, I'll cvsup off the NYCBUG mirror before my next
> buildworld :)

cool execellent!  let me know if you spot any issues.  we are going to
roll out an anon ftp mirror in a bit.


> -Trish
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> Hi All,
>      I'm very pleased to annouce the availability of NycBUG's very own
> cvsup server for FreeBSD is available for use by our members!  It is
> our hope that this machine will eventually become an official FreeBSD
> mirror, yet before I make any annoucements to hubs@ I'd like to give
> our members a first crack at this box.  So, feel free to do your
> nightly /usr/src and /usr/ports sync's off of:
> freebsd.nycbug.org
> Once again I'd like to thank New York Internet <www.nyi.net> for donating
> bandwidth and rackspace to our BUG - and the community in large.  And our
> very own Gman for donating the gear.  Thanks guys, I couldn't have
> slacked
> off at work for hours setting this up if it wasn't for you ;^)
> Have Fun!
> -pete
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