[nycbug-talk] U.S surrenders ICANN control

George R. george at sddi.net
Sat Jul 29 00:52:00 EDT 2006

Marc Spitzer wrote:
> On 7/27/06, Jonathan Vanasco <nycbug-list at 2xlp.com> wrote:
>> i'd argue that the us doesn't have free speech anymore either.  the
>> difference between other countries and the us is that overseas speech
>> is censored / illegal from the outself, while in america speech is
>> 'free' in theory and the price of a good lawyer in practice.
> It has always been that way, the social restraints are what are
> comming undone.  People did not want their names assocated with a
> court case.  Also vilonece was also more common to settle the mater.
>> i'm pretty sure that there's never been an actually effective
>> international body.  at best the new group can be as functional as
>> the UN-- which means at best, they'll accomplish absolutely nothing.
> The UN(spit) has never had the good grace to do nothing, it would be a
> major improvement over what they do.  They are not stupid they are
> fucking evil.

Woah tiger. . . keep that tone on your Slashdot posts. .. not here.

The ultimate problem is who is neutral.  Certainly not the US government
or private industry.  I dred the day when the root servers that are in
the US blacklist TLDs based on executive orders.  Even our
intellectually numb president is aware of the internet and the role it

Is the UN in a better, more neutral position?  That is highly doubtful.
 The UN has always been a battleground of super and regional powers. . .
But that's another OT discussion.

It would be wonderful if there was some truly neutral, non governmental,
vendor-neutral solution to this. . . But the reality of the IETF just
makes that laughable.

shrug. . .

Maybe NYCBUG could volunteer. . . ;-)


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