[nycbug-talk] User Group Competition

Brad Schonhorst bschonhorst at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 10:59:57 EDT 2006

The BSD Certification Group is currently holding a User Group
Competition to see who
can up with the most effective way to raise money.  Whoever comes up
with the best method
will receive $500 worth of O'Reilly books.  Lets win this!  Please
send me your suggestions before
the June 7th meeting so we can vote on the best submission to use for NYCBUG.

Also, the user group that can raise the most money by June 18 will
receive 2 full passes to
BSDCan 2007 as well as a 15% discount to BSDCan 2007 to all who
members who donate.  We will
be collecting donations at the next meeting.

As you know, the BSD Certification Group has been working hard this
year to lay the foundation for
a systems administration certification for the BSD operating systems.
At this point one
of the biggest factors holding back progress is funding.  Money needs
to be raised to
cover test development costs and a test delivery system.  If you or
your business benefits
from the open source BSD operating systems, please consider making a donation.

For more information on the User Group Competition see:

See you Wednesday-


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