[nycbug-talk] dd-wrt

Kevin Reiter tux at penguinnetwerx.net
Wed Jun 7 16:56:05 EDT 2006

Anthony Elizondo wrote:
> On 6/7/06, Jonathan Vanasco <nycbug-list at 2xlp.com> wrote:
>> disclaimer: its linux
>> has anyone played around with upgrading a $60 linksys to a dd-wrt ?
>> docs:
>>         http://wrt-wiki.bsr-clan.de/index.php?title=What_is_%22DD-WRT%22%3F
>> idiots guide:
>>         http://www.lifehacker.com/software/router/hack-attack-turn-your-60-
>> router-into-a-600-router-178132.php
>> at <$60 to set up, it looks pretty enticing
> I've installed dd-wrt, but it was an older version and I did not use
> it extensively.
> I've tried quite a few of the WRT54G replacement firmwares: Wifi Box,
> Sveasoft, HyperWRT, and dd-wrt. I was looking specifically for one
> feature (SNMP monitoring) so I stuck with Wifi Box, since it was one
> of the first to offer SNMP. I may look back into dd-wrt if I start to
> need QOS...
> Flashing is a very simple process. About as hard as uploading a file
> through a web form.
> $600 is a bit of a stretch, though. With these firmwares you can
> really add quite a lot of functionality to a simple WRT54G, but they
> are still consumer-grade hardware.

I'll dig out my notes from ShmooCon 2005 - Quigon and Sysmin did a demo 
with Sveasoft that was pretty good.  The .pdf had some good notes in it 
if I remember correctly.

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